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about 1 month ago
Economy suggestion

This would promote proactive thinking in farm placement and design if people wanted to have a passive income source or material generator. Though for full implementation, I think that even mechanical autoclickers would have to be prohibited. As long as there's a method to check that the player doesn't just look afk, then I support this idea.

about 1 month ago
Even out the economy with big spending

1. Interesting, but there's no benefit for baltop players to comply unless they are just that bored. Would be an interesting way to reroute taxes back into the economy if that's ever implemented, though.

2. This is an interesting idea,  as the baltop players also have a tendency to be the best equipped in terms of pvp, and go through the most tools constructing projects. From what I've seen thus far, though, there's very few items included in the recent update actually worth anything, but I can't guarantee I've seen them all.

3. That'd only create a monopoly on spawners, since newer players won't have the funds to start their own farm, and thereby have no feasable method to compete against players who can buy a new spawner after a couple minutes/hours. As it is right now, I don't believe we have the population to incentivize people to focus their sole income on the sale of blocks.

I'm still against the current shop method. Newer players that opt to buy resources over farming them are competing for prices that older players don't have to concern over. If I raise the price of glass to over 200, that won't affect me nearly as much as everyone else. I may not have any resources I can just funnel into an unlimited system to make a check, but I have enough funds where I don't have to worry about that.

3 months ago

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