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Survival Server




First off, we as staff leadership would like to apologize both to you and the server as a whole. The survival server is the roots of the network and where we put the most effort into. We are proud of the community that has arisen from it and the staff team that we have acquired. We strive to make it better and to get more members into our small community.


Here is the deal with survival:


Since we see survival as the network’s pride and joy, we are constantly altering factors such as the economy, custom enchants, mob stacking, mob farms, and numerous other items. In doing so we make alterations to the plugin files for the server. In doing so certain issues arise. The most notable issue we have consistently run into is a server TPS issue. This cultivates an unplayable atmosphere for a server that should not be experiencing this issue.


The reason survival is often down, and factions is not is because we are not making alterations, i.e. adding/removing plugins. The other reason is the factions server runs on 1.8. This is prime Minecraft server conditions from Mojang and has not been altered by newer updates as the survival server has. We also run into issues with the hosts, and while this one is good something has come up on their end, completely upending us with no way for us to fix it except to wait.


We want to see the server thrive and the community to be happy. Hopefully you will stay with the network. We will have survival up the moment we can, and we will inform everyone when that time comes.


Once again, on behalf of the staff leadership, I would like to apologize for the down time that has been happening in recent weeks.

-Huawind and TommyJ100

3 months ago

Every player deserves to be heard and able to speak their mind

The VanillaVistaMC forums are a place to chat, suggest, and meet new people in an easier and organized way. However with this there must be some guidlines to follow to keep the interactions appropriate and engaging. The main goal is to ensure toxicity and inappropriate content do not make their way to the forums and that every player has the ability to be heard.

By following a few simple rules we can ensure the forums stays a reputable source of conversation and interaction.

Things to DO:


  • Be Nice and Polite

    Every member deserves to be treated with respect. Positive and polite posts create a friendly and welcoming environment that all members will feel comfortable in.

  • Think Before Posting

    Sensible, well thought-out and legible posts help other members understand what is being explained.

  • Post in Relevant Section(s)

    Posting in the most relevant section will ensure threads are seen by members most interested in the subject. Threads posted in the wrong section will generally be moved by moderators.

  • Remain on Topic

    Threads should remain on the topic that they are discussing, they should not be discussing other topics. A new thread should be made for a new discussion.

  • Report Content

    Please do not make posts to inform other users of the forum rules. Use the Report Rule Breakers to send in forum posts that you know are breaking the rules.

Things to NOT DO:


  • Use Profanity or Post Inappropriate Content

    As a family friendly forum we require that all content posted on the forum is suitable for people of all ages, this includes words, videos and pictures. Any posts containing inappropriate content or profanity (including self censored, automatically censored, acronyms and slang) will be removed from the forum.

  • Flame or Provoke

    Do not insult or flame other members of the forum. Similarly, do not post with the intention of provoking a reaction from fellow members. This includes encouraging flame wars. Instigation is not tolerated.

  • Spam

    A spam post is a post that provides no value to the discussion, or a thread that creates nuisance for others. The most common spam posts are posting "tl:dr;", "+1", "this", posting image macros, and nothing but memes or images. Threads are considered spam when they are duplicates, or devoid of valuable content. Replying to spam is not permitted either.

  • Bump Threads

    Posting in a thread only to bring it back to the front page of the forum is not allowed, a thread should only be on the front page of a forum if there is active discussion taking place. 

  • Advertise

    Do not use VanillaVistaMC to generate traffic or attention for your endeavor.

  • Behave in a Malicious Manner

    Do not behave in a manner that can cause distress, harm or inconvenience to other members, staff or the forum itself. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination, bullying, offensive material, using multiple forum accounts, breaching others privacy and accessing others accounts without permission.



3 months ago
In Game

Players deserve to have fun and be interactive with the community of VanillaVistaMC

We want to cultivate a safe and enjoyable environment for all our players and have them feel comfortable to do and say what they want. But, due to the wide range of ages there are some lines that should not be crossed. Every player deserves to known and understand where the line is so that they can safely operate inside the bounds.

Some servers have stricter and more specific rules, however, be sure to read Respecting Players and Cheating and Exploitation for the overall rules.

All Servers:

We encourage players to be creative in art and designs in a way that doesn’t damage the experience of others. This includes all content such as drawings, item names, skins and capes, which are created by players. However, players also have the right to not be exposed to certain content; please refer to the list below for content that should be reported to staff.

  • Inappropriate Drawings/Buildings - e.g. racist or sexual imagery
  • Inappropriate Item Names - e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases
  • Inappropriate Pet Names - e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases
  • Inappropriate Item Usages - e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases 
  • Inappropriate Skins and Capes - e.g. racist or sexual imagery
  • Inappropriate Nicknames - e.g. racist, sexual or impersonating

Each infraction should be reported and will be dealt with on a player by player basis

Additionally, do not ask for a Staff Position or ask an Admin or above to look at your application. Breaking this rule will result in immediate termination of your application. If you require assistance or want a review of your application reach out to a mod or helper with your unsubmitted application for guidance and feedback.


  • No griefing of any kind
  • No killing pets or owned animals
  • No item duplicating
  • No stacking of items otherwise unstackable (totems, shields, etc)
  • No lag machines (some autofarms fall into this and will be reviewed on an individual basis)

Additionally, if you lose an item due to clearlag or any other means it is on YOU. The moderators and helpers do not have the ability to help you with this issue and upper leadership does not have time for numerous individual item losses. Be careful and attentive to your items.


  • No item duplication 
  • Do not spam advertise youre faction

3 months ago
Respecting Players

All players deserve to be treated with human dignity and respect

We aim for the VanillaVistaMC to be a fun and safe place for players to communicate and interact with each other respectfully. Our chat environment is a good way to talk to other players, discover new friends and have fun.

We encourage players to cooperate and compete in a positive environment, but never in a way that disrespects or abuses other players. In short: treat others the way you would like to be treated.

This includes the Server, the Forums and the Discord.

Behavior to replicate:

  •  Be nice and polite
  •  Be active and interactive with other players
  •  Think before chatting
  •  Limit use of profanity

Behaviour which is not allowed:

  • Discrimination - negative comments related to skin colour, gender, or other personal qualities.
  • Overuse of bad language
  • Insulting other players in malicious ways
  • Encouraging violence or hatred towards other players
  • Falsifying information about other players
  • Sharing another player’s personal information without their consent
  • Spamming - pasting the same or similar messages over and over
  • Intentionally avoiding the chat filter
  • Talking about self-harm, or other deeply negative experiences

If you were muted or banned due to breaking one of these rules and believe it was unjust or undeserved click here to send an appeal



3 months ago
Cheating and Exploitation

Players have the right to play in an environment which is fair and free of cheating and exploitations

Any bug on the server or within Minecraft, to gain an in-game advantage over other players, is seen as unfair gameplay and is not allowed. This is to ensure that bugs that do arise are not used in an abusive manner to gain an unfair advantage in games.

This means no matter where they are on the server, regardless of the reason, game modifications, “cheating” or exploiting that gives unfair advantages to gameplay are strictly prohibited.

Unfair Advantages: 

  •  Modded Clients (Wurst, Aristois, Flare, etc)
  •  Bots of any kind
  •  Any X-Ray including X-Ray texture packs
  •  Auto-clickers (excluding mechanically made / must have proof)
  •  Bug exploitation (stacking not normally stackable items, duplicating, etc)

What if you suspect someone of breaking one of these rules?

  •  It is in your best interest to report rule breakers
  •  If a staff member is online while the rules are actively being broken msg them directly
    •  If not, collect screenshots or video evidence that would help in your report
  •  Go to Report Rule Breakers to report the player for our staff to review

What mods are allowed?

Cosmetic and game enhancement mods that provide limited information and do not provide any sort of unfair advantage

  •  FPS Improvement (Optifine)
  •  Aesthetic Improvement (Shaders, Texture Packs)
  •  Armor and Status Hud Mods

Use mods at your own risk

If found breaking any of these rules, punishment will be handed out as deserved