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about 1 month ago
VanillaVistaMC Update - 6/1/20

Hello all players!

Today I will be bringing you guys a new update for the server. Lets get into it.

This update consists of 






Diseases: Bring the terror and fear of infectious diseases into your quiet little Minecraft town. Contract disease and infections, Craft cures to alleviate symptoms. Spread your disease to other players if you wander about with an affliction too long. Sneezing and coughing can give you away though


  • FleshWound Injuries caused by breaking blocks with bare fist, no effect but if not cured with bandage infection chance is increased - bandage cure
  • YellowFever Contracted in the insect infested jungle, high fever and sneezing ensues, contagious to others - potion cure
  • WhoopingCough Contracted in the dusty desert, wheezing and coughing contagious - potion cure
  • Plague Contracted by damage from zombies, high fever sickness, Vomiting and sneezing contagious - potion cure
  • Cholera Contracted by drinking uncleaned water, sickness, Vomiting - potion cure
  • Broken Leg Contracted by fall damage, slowness until leg repaired - Crafted splint cure
  • Pneumonia Contracted by extend stay in cold conditions, slowness exhaustion reduced lung capacity coughing - heated cream cure
  • SwampFever Contracted by swimming in swamp biomes with fleshwound - potion cure
  • OpenWound Contracted by being slashed with a sword - bleeding, weakness, damage - bandage cure
  • ArrowWound Contracted by being hot by an arrow, weakness, damage - use shears on player to dislodge arrow cure
  • Choking Contracted by eating food - causes blocked throat, - damage, reduced speech, not able to consume food or drink - slap on back cure
  • Rabies Contracted by wolf bite - causes fever foaming mouth, vomiting, confusion, violent outbursts, speed strength, heart failure - potion cure
  • Pox Contracted by being near to many animals- causes temperature, sneezing, vomiting, blindness, weakness, CONTAGIOUS - potion cure


  • /disease help - show help menu
  • /disease list- List known diseases
  • /disease info <disease>- Show disease info</disease>
  • /disease remedy list- List known recipes
  • /disease remedy <remedy>- show remedy details & recipe</remedy>
  • /health - show health stats For admins
  • /temp - show your body temperature and ambient temp
  • /temp details - show more in depth details of what is affecting your temperature.
  • /disease immunity - show you immunity stats
  • [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  • Please use /disease list and then /disease remedy <remedy /> in-game to view all the other recipes!

If you are in a cold climate then a campfire will come in hand, use this as an example on how to make it. Also CRAFT a hot milk by putting milk in a furnace or a cold water by adding water bottle and a snowball in crafting bench, note that the drink in your inventory will either cool or warm over time so drink quickly...[​IMG]

You can also check the status of yourself with /temp or /health. Thats about the basics, good luck guys.




There is much more to the lands plugin than this, all previous claims has since been converted. If you had a previous claim you can manage it with doing /lands and then navigating accordingly. A simple way to claim is to do /lands selection and to select the positions accordingly via left and right click, just like before. And it will automatically override claims.

ANTI-AFK: Not much to say here other than 30 minutes you will be kicked from the server. Even if you have clicker or afk pool.

Coinflip: Challenge your fellow baltop members to gamble! Choose heads or tails 

Place bets using command "/coinflipper [amount] [heads/tails].
Challenge bets by left-clicking in the GUI


PS: I am writing this late at night and this is not a full blown guide. Just to get you by for now till I can update it later on, also donators and staff might be limited to 15 chunks worth of claiming. Just know that its the default value and that you will guys will get more once I am able to change it.



~ The VanillaVista Team


about 1 month ago
Mythical Key Prices

I agree with this suggestion, will revert the keys as well

about 1 month ago
VanillaVistaMC Update - 5/18/20

Hello everybody this our first real update for the survival server, and I am excited to tell you what its all about!

Our good and dear friend the Crusader has always been quiet and mysterious. Recently reports show that he has been making connections to someone or something, we can't quite make out what it is. Rumors say that the figure is not of human descent, some say it is, this left everybody quite curious. Then what happened on 4/17/20 at 12:42am shocked dozens. Explorers reported back looking at new extremely beautiful biomes past 26,000 blocks! 


The explorers say that they haven't seen anything like it before and that it has plentiful resources more than any other biome they have faced. Some even say that have been far as to seeing new STRUCTURES!

However, the explorers noticed different things around the world. Not just in the new biomes but everywhere. There are creepers, zombies, skeletons and all the other regular monsters. This time around though, there seemed to be something else. Here is what we found on a lost explorers' camera. CAUTION: The footage may shock you



So not only has the Crusader brought us beautiful biomes but it seems that he may have brought along more dangers... I advise only the strongest of explorers be able to face these beasts. 



- Added Biomes

- Added Monsters/Bosses

- Fixed small bugs

- Reverted to old shop

3 months ago
Increased Stack Buying

Im not sure if I will be able to increase this, I will attempt

3 months ago
VanillaVistaMC Update - 4/18/20

Hello and welcome to our official site! Please be sure to abide by forum rules!

Thank you all for being so patient during the time we are down.

We'll be back soon!