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19 Apr 2020
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08 May 2020

Players deserve to have fun and be interactive with the community of VanillaVistaMC

We want to cultivate a safe and enjoyable environment for all our players and have them feel comfortable to do and say what they want. But, due to the wide range of ages there are some lines that should not be crossed. Every player deserves to known and understand where the line is so that they can safely operate inside the bounds.

Some servers have stricter and more specific rules, however, be sure to read Respecting Players and Cheating and Exploitation for the overall rules.

All Servers:

We encourage players to be creative in art and designs in a way that doesn’t damage the experience of others. This includes all content such as drawings, item names, skins and capes, which are created by players. However, players also have the right to not be exposed to certain content; please refer to the list below for content that should be reported to staff.

  • Inappropriate Drawings/Buildings - e.g. racist or sexual imagery
  • Inappropriate Item Names - e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases
  • Inappropriate Pet Names - e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases
  • Inappropriate Item Usages - e.g. racial slurs or sexual phrases 
  • Inappropriate Skins and Capes - e.g. racist or sexual imagery
  • Inappropriate Nicknames - e.g. racist, sexual or impersonating

Each infraction should be reported and will be dealt with on a player by player basis

Additionally, do not ask for a Staff Position or ask an Admin or above to look at your application. Breaking this rule will result in immediate termination of your application. If you require assistance or want a review of your application reach out to a mod or helper with your unsubmitted application for guidance and feedback.


  • No griefing of any kind
  • No killing pets or owned animals
  • No item duplicating
  • No stacking of items otherwise unstackable (totems, shields, etc)
  • No lag machines (some autofarms fall into this and will be reviewed on an individual basis)

Additionally, if you lose an item due to clearlag or any other means it is on YOU. The moderators and helpers do not have the ability to help you with this issue and upper leadership does not have time for numerous individual item losses. Be careful and attentive to your items.


  • No item duplication 
  • Do not spam advertise youre faction
TommyJ100 · 3 months ago