VanillaVistaMC Update - 5/18/20
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18 Apr 2020
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20 Jun 2020

Hello everybody this our first real update for the survival server, and I am excited to tell you what its all about!

Our good and dear friend the Crusader has always been quiet and mysterious. Recently reports show that he has been making connections to someone or something, we can't quite make out what it is. Rumors say that the figure is not of human descent, some say it is, this left everybody quite curious. Then what happened on 4/17/20 at 12:42am shocked dozens. Explorers reported back looking at new extremely beautiful biomes past 26,000 blocks! 


The explorers say that they haven't seen anything like it before and that it has plentiful resources more than any other biome they have faced. Some even say that have been far as to seeing new STRUCTURES!

However, the explorers noticed different things around the world. Not just in the new biomes but everywhere. There are creepers, zombies, skeletons and all the other regular monsters. This time around though, there seemed to be something else. Here is what we found on a lost explorers' camera. CAUTION: The footage may shock you



So not only has the Crusader brought us beautiful biomes but it seems that he may have brought along more dangers... I advise only the strongest of explorers be able to face these beasts. 



- Added Biomes

- Added Monsters/Bosses

- Fixed small bugs

- Reverted to old shop

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