VanillaVistaMC Update - 6/1/20
2 months ago

Hello all players!

Today I will be bringing you guys a new update for the server. Lets get into it.

This update consists of 






Diseases: Bring the terror and fear of infectious diseases into your quiet little Minecraft town. Contract disease and infections, Craft cures to alleviate symptoms. Spread your disease to other players if you wander about with an affliction too long. Sneezing and coughing can give you away though

VanillaVistaMC Update - 5/18/20
3 months ago

Hello everybody this our first real update for the survival server, and I am excited to tell you what its all about!

Our good and dear friend the Crusader has always been quiet and mysterious. Recently reports show that he has been making connections to someone or something, we can't quite make out what it is. Rumors say that the figure is not of human descent, some say it is, this left everybody quite curious. Then what happened on 4/17/20 at 12:42am shocked dozens. Explorers reported back looking at new extremely beautiful biomes past 26,000 blocks! 


4 months ago

Every player deserves to be heard and able to speak their mind

The VanillaVistaMC forums are a place to chat, suggest, and meet new people in an easier and organized way. However with this there must be some guidlines to follow to keep the interactions appropriate and engaging. The main goal is to ensure toxicity and inappropriate content do not make their way to the forums and that every player has the ability to be heard.

By following a few simple rules we can ensure the forums stays a reputable source of conversation and interaction.

Things to DO:


In Game
4 months ago

Players deserve to have fun and be interactive with the community of VanillaVistaMC

We want to cultivate a safe and enjoyable environment for all our players and have them feel comfortable to do and say what they want. But, due to the wide range of ages there are some lines that should not be crossed. Every player deserves to known and understand where the line is so that they can safely operate inside the bounds.

Some servers have stricter and more specific rules, however, be sure to read Respecting Player...

Respecting Players
4 months ago

All players deserve to be treated with human dignity and respect

We aim for the VanillaVistaMC to be a fun and safe place for players to communicate and interact with each other respectfully. Our chat environment is a good way to talk to other players, disco...

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